It is that time of the year again! Get involved with IgniteOKC! Click here to learn more about the 2016-2017 positions available. We have a stellar slate so far with several vacancies waiting to be filled by the movers and shakers of OKC. Applications are due by midnight, Wednesday, August 31.

The IgniteOKC Leadership Crew consists of a group of volunteers connecting people of diverse backgrounds to support collaboration, creativity, innovation, and leadership in our community. Our main event is IgniteOKC, a community-driven networking event and speaker series that features rapid-fire 5-minute presentations with 20 slides auto-rating every 15 seconds … no matter what! Heading towards our tenth event, the next installment of IgniteOKC is tentatively set for May 25, 2017, and it is going to be incredible!

Over the past seven years, IgniteOKC has grown and fostered an incredible community of creative and forward-thinking Oklahomans. We are excited to continue this tradition with people with vast curiosities and interests who shape our city and communities into better places.

Please see below for more information about our Team and available positions.

Board Membership Information

Board members must attend 75% of meetings, occurring monthly. All meetings are held at noon on the second Friday of the month at Dunlap Codding on Film Row, unless planned otherwise. Accepted applicants should attend next month’s meeting, Sept. 9. The Board terms run from August – June.

Board membership dues for the year are as follows:

  • Executive Committee – $100
  • Committee Chairs – $75
  • Committee Members – $50
  • With an additional $150 to be raised by each member through sponsorships, donations or in-kind gifts.

Committee Chairs must serve as Board members, but you may serve as a member of a Committee without serving on the Board.

Board Officers

  • CHAIR – oversees the IgniteOKC organization, leads monthly Board meetings, and provides support and guidance to Committee Chairs. 2016-2017 Chair: Regina J Banks
  • CHAIR-ELECT – supports the Chair, manages board change-over and formation at the end of the Board term, and will serve as Board Chair for the 2017-2018 term: 2016-2017 Chair-Elect: Alyssa Novak
  • TREASURER – manages IgniteOKC finances. 2016-2017 Treasurer: Debbie O’Dell
  • SECRETARY – records and distributes Board meeting minutes. 2016-2017 Secretary: Steven Charles

Committee Chairs

  • COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR – oversees all social media efforts, email blasts, press releases, radio & TV appearances, website, and design. 2016-2017 Communications Chair: Matt Goodwin
    We are seeking members to assist with our communication efforts! Do you love social media? Are you a fearless content creator or meticulous copy editor? Are you connected to the TV or radio business? Do you enjoy website content creation and tinkering? Do you have an eye for design? Apply to join this committee!
  • PROGRAMMING CHAIR – oversees planning and correspondence regarding the late summer IgniteOKC Happy Hour, the fall Speaker Round Table, and the January Team Happy Hour & Recruitment (with the IgniteOKC Event Chair). 2016-2017 Programming Chair: Lindsey Workman Gilbert
    We are seeking members to assist with our programming and recruitment efforts! Do you have experience recruiting volunteers? Do you enjoy planning social events and bringing people together? Apply to join this committee!
  • SPONSORSHIP CHAIR – oversees cash, in-kind, and door prize sponsorship efforts and correspondence throughout the Board Term. 2016-2017 Sponsorship Chair: Adam Brooks
    We are seeking members to assist with our sponsorship efforts! Do you have experience gathering sponsors? Do you enjoy asking people for money? Apply to join this committee!
  • SPEAKER CHAIR – oversees speakers correspondence throughout Board Term and speaker management at the IgniteOKC Event. 2016-2017 Speaker Chair: Tim Hast
    We are seeking members to assist with our speaker committee efforts! Do you have experience connecting with different kinds people? Do you enjoy working with others and answering questions? Apply to join this committee!
  • TECHNICAL CHAIR – oversees speaker slides and presentations as well as work closely with A/V team for the event and video production. 2016-2017 Technical Chair: Jeremy McKinney
    We are seeking members to assist with our technical efforts! Do you have experience working with PowerPoint? Do you enjoy all things techy? Apply to join this committee!
  • MEMBERSHIP CHAIR – will oversees the implementation of this new committee. We are expanding our tribe this year by offering a general membership with some cool perks! Apply for this OPEN CHAIR position!
    We are seeking members to assist with our general membership efforts! Do you have experience working with a membership base? Do you enjoy making people feel special? Apply to join this committee!
  • IGNITEOKC EVENT CHAIR – oversees the IgniteOKC 2016 event, including event calendar, venue, food, bar, ticketing, video, photography, speakers, and slides and plans January Team Happy Hour & Recruitment with the Programming Chair. 2016-2017 IgniteOKC Event Chair: Josh DeLozier and 2016-2017 Event Chair-Elect for the 2017-2018 year: Eden Badgett.
    We are seeking members to assist with our biggest event of the year! Do you have experience planning BIG events? Do you enjoy being apart of the action? Apply to join this committee!


  • Communications – Are you a social media guru? Particular about your punctuation? Seeking 10-12 members.
  • Programming – love planning events? Are you the host with the most? Seeking 1-2 members.
  • Sponsorship – Do you have development experience? Are you great at building and maintaining relationships? Are you comfortable asking for mullah? Seeking 2 members.
  • Speakers – Are you a past speaker? Do you remember that helpful Crew member on the night you spoke and want to be that helpful Crew member to future speakers? Seeking 1-2 members.
  • Technical – Are you a pro at all forms of slide presentation software? Seeking 1 member.
  • Membership – be a part of this inaugural year of our membership committee and grow our base from the bottom up! Seeking 2 members.
  • Event – Are you crazy about major event productions? Do you have ideas for how to make the IgniteOKC event better? Seeking 8-10 members.
  • Members-at-Large – attend meetings as voting members, support Board, and serve on a Committee. Seeking 2-3 members.

SHOW YOUR INTEREST! To apply for the IgniteOKC Board or a Committee, please click here and fill out the quick form by midnight, Wednesday, August 31st, 2016.

Regina J Banks, IgniteOKC Board Chair, will be in touch with selected applicants by Monday, September 5th. New Board members begin their terms at the Sept. 9 meeting. Committee members not serving on the Board will be notified by their Committee Chairs regarding committee meetings. Please direct any questions to Regina J Banks at or 405-201-0402. IgniteOKC could not happen without the efforts of our volunteers. Thank you!

The IgniteOKC Crew